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Follow the AC Unit Checklist

Mechanical systems take care and maintenance. You may not often think of it, but lack of maintenance for your HVAC Airsmiths Heating and Airsystem can lead to expensive repairs. When expensive parts fail they can damage other expensive parts. The price of fixing all this damage can really affect your pocketbook. However, there are simple ways to avoid problems.

During the summer, as your Sacramento AC unit is operating at its capacity, you should have this AC unit checklist handy so you can ensure your AC is going to continue to work well for you. These actions are additional to getting regular maintenance done on your HVAC system.

Regular maintenance by a professional is a necessity as you can’t do everything yourself. But the below actions will be a good routine to follow and can be done by you in a few short minutes. In addition to keeping the grass cut giving two feet of clearance around your unit, do this checklist once a month during the summer months.

1. Clean the coils and evaporator units

You will find the condenser coil inside of the cabinet of the AC unit outside your home. This coil contains the refrigerant lines. The evaporator is part of the indoor unit and has a coil as well. Cleaning out the dirt in these will help increase your unit’s efficiency.

2. Ensure drains are not obstructed

The drain pans need to be cleared of any obstruction, as well as cleaned out of any moisture. This includes the condensate drains.

3. Make sure the refrigerant is at the correct level

Most systems use Freon, and your air conditioner needs to have the proper amount in there. Otherwise it strains the system and reduces efficiency.

4. Clean air filters or replace when needed

5. Make sure all electrical components are sound

You want to ensure there is no damage to any of the wiring or controls or connections.

6. Lubricate moving parts on older AC units

You won’t have to bother with this step if you have a new model AC with sealed parts. Check your owner’s manual and lubricate per directions.

7. Inspect the drive belt and fan motor and blades

You may need to do some adjustment to the drive belt if your unit has one. It may also need replacing. The fan motor and blades should all be in good shape.

Some items may be checked by a technician who has the knowledge and ability to determine if anything needs to be done. This can be done in the spring when you call a qualified service company out for your regular maintenance. He will:

* Check the ductwork for dirt, leaks or any other problems
* Run a system test on your HVAC system

When you give your AC unit some tender loving care, it will last and perform well for you for a long time.