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What is Poor Insulation?

When it comes to insulation…How can you really tell if its doing its job or not?

Most people think that if the insulation is present then it must be performing to its rated capacity…RIGHT?!


In fact; most insulation in buildings today under-performs by at least 40% and UP!!

There is 1 reason…


Infrared Photo

This Infrared photo taken from a home in a subdivision of Folsom, Ca.

The photo shows a vaulted ceiling that has “R-38 insulation” installed in the ceiling.

As you can see the insulation is present however it is not performing even close to its rated R-value.

There is more than a 10-degree difference in temperatures here = not good for efficiency or comfort!

Also see the top left temperature… This shows a section of insulation that is performing properly.

As a result of this problem the home owners are uncomfortable. They then set their thermostat to a much higher temperature in the winter to get comfortable as well as their system turns on and off more often.


  • High Utility Bills
  • Uncomfortable People
  • Reduced Building Durability.

Now; please understand that this is not a condemnation of the whole insulation industry.

This is primarily a result of the person who is out at the job-site doing the installation does not understand how insulation needs to be installed so it can perform to its rated capacity.

Another reason is that Infrared Cameras have only been commercially available to the public for a short time. Only since that time have we been able to truly look at how insulation REALLY PERFORMS and how to install it in such a way as to maximize insulation performance values.

Unfortunately, these poor installation techniques are still going on at a rampant level resulting in billions being lost in building inefficiency.

Give us a call. We’ll do an analysis of your home, show you the results and show you how to make sure your systems as efficient as possible.