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What we do

In short… We at Airsmiths Home Performance specialize in 4 main categories of a building’s performance:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Building Durability
  3. Comfort
  4. Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

We test in and out to ensure results are up to our standards.

General List of Services We Provide:

Installation, Testing, Service & Maintenance of all listed below

  • Air Distribution Systems (duct work etc.)
  • Zoning Systems
  • Air Balancing certification and reporting
  • Insulation and Radiant barrier (all forms)
  • Water Heating Technologies (all forms)
  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems
  • Integrated Solar Power and Heating Systems
  • Moisture Control (bulk water and vapor)
  • Energy Audits (residential and commercial)
  • Title 24 compliance reporting
  • Green Building Consultations
  • Energy Efficiency Consultations